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The King of Media

Larry King is a legend. He spent 25 years broadcasting at CNN, delivering interviews where he proved perfectly happy with asking the uncomfortable. He was born November 18, 1933 as Lawrence Harvey Zeiger and raised in Brooklyn, NY. His parents were Jewish immigrants. His father died at the age of 44 when Larry was 9, forcing his mother to turn to welfare to support her two boys (Larry and Marty, his younger brother).

After his father’s death, Larry’s attention in school dropped dramatically. He barely graduated high school. He stepped straight into the work force to help support his family. His dream was to achieve a radio career, specifically a career in the New York radio studios. His dream did not become reality fresh out of high school, though. He spent time during his 20s working as a package deliveryman.

By chance he met a CBS staff announcer. After receiving some heartfelt advice, King decided to hop a bus bound for Florida, and sped into a fast growing media market. It was the Miami Beach based radio station WAHR (today known as WMBM) who gave Larry his first break.

Larry started as a humble employee of WAHR, tasked with cleaning up the broadcast stations and performing various odd jobs. One fateful date in May of 1957 an announcer unexpectedly quit on the spot! Larry was put on as the replacement. Talent took over, and management was so impressed that they immediately gave him the 9:00 AM to noon broadcasting shift! Two afternoon newscasts and working a sportscast came hot on the heels of his morning shift. With a $55 per week salary, a very young Larry King was high on life fulfilling his long-time dream.